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About Maria Montgomery

Knowledge is Power

Maria is a dedicated author, speaker, coach, and trainer, driven by a passion for fostering a culture of continuous growth, learning, and upskilling in both individuals and teams, ensuring they possess the RIGHT set of skills for success.

Maria is committed to encouraging both individuals and teams to continuously create, grow, learn and upskill with the RIGHT set of skills. 

Migrating with her family from Serbia at the age of 15 was a big step for her, not knowing a word of English.  Maria managed to learn a new way of living very quickly. Trying to manage new complex problems with living in a totally new country brings and seeing things from a completely different perspective. This was helped with the support of some amazing individuals she met along the way.

With well over a decade of experience leading challenging business transformations, owing to a small business, consulting start-ups, and major industries (banking, superannuation, logistics, commercial airline, hospitality, and health services), Maria helps individuals and teams strengthen their skills for higher performance. 

Driven by her purpose of helping people and organizations, working through complex problems, and discovering better ways of working.  She has been very privileged to be able to work in many large and medium-sized organizations growing at a fast pace. 

Her passion lies in the coaching space, career development, and leading individuals in complex problem solving which saw her being certified as Master Certified Professional Coach, Certified Professional Life Coach, and achieving NLP, Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) Practitioner accreditation (also very helpful in dealing with teenagers). 


"Maria is simply a one-of-a-kind mentor, and the BEST support I have received in my career shift into Business Analysis. She's kind, knowledgeable, generous, encouraging, personable, and deeply caring. What I valued the most in her was that she went above and beyond in her mentoring offers, followed up to see how I was faring with my job application process, gave me tons of useful advice, connected me to a recruiting agency, made sure I had everything I needed and was simply invaluable in helping me see the light through an often not so straight-forward career transition process.

The support I received from Maria has been crucial in my career journey and thanks to her, I feel strongly equipped for what's next for me. I highly recommend her as a mentor for anyone who is looking for a career change to the BA field and is looking for a highly competent, supportive, and attentive ally. "

Birute Perera

Digital Marketing Specialist

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