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As a speaker, I speak on a range of topics.   Here are some samples:

  • How to use Neuroscience to effectively solve business analysis problems? In this keynote, Maria will share how an individual and organization can use neuroscience to creatively undertake business analysis problem solving, through a very passionate and interesting presentation.  It is filled with real-life experience, knowledge sharing, aiming to inspire the audience in the business world with takeaways for future implementation.  Key Learnings include:

    •  Understand cognitive science, neuroscience techniques, and how our brain works

    •   Understand how to use neuroscience to improve your problem-solving skills

    •   Understanding what you can do TODAY  to become more efficient in problem-solving, decision-making, and rewiring your brain.

  • The Art of Getting Business Analysis Right​

In this keynote, the audience draws upon my real-life experience and sharing of knowledge with individuals and organizations about how they can grow their mindset and upskill for improved outcomes.

“In order to get business analysis right, we need to have the right mindset, be able to ask the right questions, and understand the delivery models and tools that we need to use,”

“You can never stop learning, you can always learn something off someone, particularly someone who has vast experience in the area – it assists with your development going forward.”

Maria Montgomery Speaker Author Coach and Mentor

Maria's expertise lies in the face-to-face and virtual settings focusing on subject matters, human connection, communication, and inspiring the audience's attention to learn.

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