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Career Coaching and Development

Elevate Your Professional Path

Individual 1:1 Coaching

Embark on a personalised 1:1 coaching journey crafted to address your individual requirements, equipping you for a thrilling new phase in your professional trajectory.

Are you currently feeling stuck in your professional journey? Need help to secure your dream job? Look no further than Maria Montgomery, a highly regarded career coach with over a decade of expertise in providing expert guidance on career advancement, personal branding, resume refinement, and interview preparation skills.

Maria Montgomery's Career and Coaching Services provide the tools, knowledge, and unwavering support to overcome obstacles and achieve your professional aspirations. Your journey to success begins here.

Leveraging her extensive leadership background and remarkable career journey, Maria has established herself as a respected authority within the industry. Maria's accomplishments include prestigious designations like Master Certified Professional Coach (MCP) and Certified Professional Coach (CPC), underscoring her capacity to empower individuals to thrive and realise their ambitions.

Maria understands the challenges that come with navigating today's fast-paced job market. She understands the importance of standing out amidst fierce competition and securing your ideal position. With her personalised approach, you can rest assured that you will receive tailored advice specifically designed to suit your unique goals and requirements.

The Career Coaching and Development service offers personalised coaching sessions tailored to your unique needs, enabling you to navigate your career journey confidently. These sessions will assist you in discovering your ideal career path, honing your professional identity, and acquiring vital skills like resume optimisation, authentic personal branding, and effective interview strategies.


Moving beyond immediate coaching, expended support will be provided to long-term career development and strategic planning. Embark on a holistic career growth journey that includes targeted skill enhancement, and comprehensive strategic career mapping.  The goal is to empower you not only in the present but also to equip you with the tools and insights for sustained success in your evolving professional endeavors.

With a proven track record of empowering individuals, Maria goes beyond the conventional approach, offering:

  1. Tailored Strategies: Benefit from personalised strategies that align with your unique goals and strengths, ensuring a custom-fit approach to your career development.

  2. Holistic Career Mapping: Navigate your professional path with a comprehensive plan that encompasses both short-term achievements and long-term aspirations.

  3. Confidence Building: Develop the self-assurance needed to excel in interviews and networking situations, allowing you to showcase your true potential.

  4. Skill Enhancement: Acquire and hone essential skills that set you apart, from effective communication and leadership to time management and adaptability.

  5. Job Market Insights: Stay ahead of industry trends and market dynamics, gaining a competitive edge through Maria's insights into evolving job market demands.

  6. Networking Strategies: Unlock the power of networking through tailored techniques that expand your professional connections and opportunities.

  7. Ongoing Support: Benefit from continuous guidance and support as you progress along your career journey, adapting to new challenges and seizing emerging prospects.


With Maria by your side, you will feel empowered and self-assured as you embark on the next steps of your professional journey. Her comprehensive approach ensures that you not only secure any job but build a fulfilling career aligned with your passions and aspirations.

So, why wait? Take action today and reach out to Maria to take the first stride towards achieving your career goals.


Kick-off with a 20 minutes planning session followed by agreed coaching sessions tailored to your needs. This  will lay the foundation for a series of customized coaching sessions designed to meet your unique objectives. Additionally, benefit from ongoing progress assessments, actionable insights, and valuable resources to ensure a comprehensive and impactful coaching experience.

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